Cough in Senior Patients After a Stroke


According to statistics, 34–50% of people (including seniors) who have had a stroke develop pneumonia. As a rule, it acts as a complication and concomitant disease. It is worth noting that this condition is very dangerous for the patient’s life. About 15% of patients who have a stroke with subsequent pneumonia, die, despite the medical assistance provided to them. In addition, stroke often becomes the cause of inflammatory processes in the lungs due to reduced immunity in old age. As for the prognosis for such pneumonia, it all depends on the factors that caused brain damage. In total, doctors distinguish two types of similar apoplexy:

  1. Aspiration pneumonia may develop when the respiratory channels of a patient are clogged with small pieces of food. In this case, those parts of the lung, where they fall, begin to work poorly, and inflammation occurs. As for the symptoms of aspiration pneumonia, they are very similar to the manifestation of poisoning and intoxication. It all starts with a cough that torments the patient, and then the temperature increased to 37–39 degrees. The situation becomes more dangerous if the large pieces of bronchus overlap with food since in this case cough causes severe pain in a person.
  2. Hypostatic pneumonia (congestive), is also quite common in bedridden patients. This is due to the fact that the constant presence in a horizontal position leads to impaired blood flow in the small circulation. Due to the poor performance of the drainage system and ventilation, a viscous fluid accumulates, which contributes to the spread of germs and the occurrence of purulent inflammation of the lung.


However, what to do if a cough in a sick old patient appears after a stroke? As you know, the immune system of a patient after stroke is greatly weakened, so viruses easily take root in the respiratory organs. Once in the body, various infections and bacteria can cause inflammation in the larynx, lungs, nasal cavity and bronchi. Also, patients who have suffered a stroke are highly susceptible to allergic reactions, and since they have to be constantly in a confined space, dust, wool, and many other aggressive agents can cause harmful side effects. There are cases when a cough in a bedridden patient may appear due to a foreign body entering the respiratory tract. About Supplemental Coverage: Senior folks living in the US can utilize Medicare Supplement Plans 2019 if they’re looking to pay for expenses such as coinsurance.